Wedding Planners: Not planning to steal your fun!

True or false? Hiring a wedding planner means giving up control of your wedding and the planning process.

FALSE! (But it’s a wildly common misconception to feel that’s exactly how it will go.)

All too often, brides who have looked forward to their wedding day for years, and especially those who like organizing, decorating, and planning, hesitate to hire a professional wedding planner because they fear they may lose control of their big day. As type-A individuals, most planners would understand the concern, but au contraire! 

While their level of involvement can certainly vary, the most important task for any planner involves making a couple’s life easier

Rather than override ideas, steamroll visions, and craft a wedding that fits the planner’s hopes and dreams, great, professional wedding planners are really there to for three primary reasons: 

1) To help couples make the best, most educated decisions to fit their vision and budget

  • There are a lot of options, contracts, venues, and vendors out there, but not all are equal and it often takes a trained eye to see the difference.

2) To help busy couples tackle the many tedious projects in planning so that they can enjoy the best parts of wedding planning

  • The amount of emails, phone calls, meetings, re-meetings, vendor vetting, trial-and-error, minutes, hours, and days involved in wedding planning comes as a surprise to many bright-eyed couples. (Not to mention having to juggle all of this with everyday life!)

3) To help make sure the execution of the day you plan together goes off with only one hitch – YOURS!

  • Couples and their involved family members who choose to manage their own wedding day never quite grasp how exhausting it is until their memories of it are nothing but a stressful blur.

Choose your decor and ambiance! Enjoy menu tastings with your choice of cuisine! Pick out your favorite photographers! Plan to party in the type of venue you’ve always dreamed of! Just let a wedding planner take on the footwork of getting everything lined up so that all you have to do is show up, make some final decisions, and get married!

It’s truly never too late to hire a wedding planner to help make your life easier!

Objectively speaking, do it!

And of course… If you’d like a hand, but aren’t quite sure what you need, we can help!

More about Christianna

I believe a truly remarkable event is able to rejuvenate the spirit and provide a reprieve from the stresses of reality. I began my career as an event specialist at one of the world’s top luxury convention hotels, and that is where my vision for Elysian Events began.

My passion lies in creating a wedding experience that exudes a vibrant, warm ambiance with an elegant touch. 


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