To the person considering hiring Christianna as your wedding planner...

You have found a treasure worth keeping, and saying yes to her will be one of the best decisions you could make for your wedding. Christianna is wonderful, excellent, peaceful, joyful, thoughtful, trustworthy, organized, intuitive, flexible, experienced, professional and high capacity in ever way. As a bride, I had a very high standard for excellence, aesthetic, detail, and intentionality. I knew from the beginning that she was full of experience in planning and executing large events, but the level of excellence I experienced the whole way through exceeded every expectation.

I was very hands on as a bride and I know that not everyone is this way. But Christianna was able to assess my needs and values very early on and adjust accordingly. She can do it all, but she cares about the needs of her individual clients. There were days where I would stress myself to tears and decide to text or call her. Within minutes she would settle and completely diffuse the doubts and questions I had. Not only did she “plan” my wedding, she supported me and guided me the whole way through. There is something about Christianna that always gave me peace that everything was taken care of. The day of my wedding, we had some unexpected weather, which, you’d think would have felt stressful, but with her I knew I was in good hands. I was able to be fully present on the best day of my life and it had much to do with the trust I had in Christianna.

In case I haven’t convinced you yet: She is not overbearing, but takes care of everything. She is prepared at all times and is so graceful in her execution. She never got defensive, she took feedback in stride, and was always honest. All of our vendors loved working with Christianna. Christianna and I lived in difference states during the planning process, but I never once felt that it was a hindrance. She sees all the gaps and makes sure they are covered. It was so settling that she was carrying all of the things I would have never considered went into planning a wedding (contracts, payment deadlines, product comparisons, follow ups, endless amounts of research, the list goes on and on).

All this to say, hire Christianna right this second. You will thank yourself all along the way.

A very happy bride

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