My love of the perfectly balanced event was molded by the warmth of my Italian family gatherings as a child...the Southern elegance of horse-racing festivities in Central Kentucky where I attended school... and the seamless precision of the luxury hospitality industry where I began my professional career. My passion lies in creating a vibrant, warm ambiance with an elegant touch.

For as long as I can remember, I have appreciated the rejuvenating power and reprieve that a well-orchestrated event can have on the human spirit.

Lead Planner & Founder of Elysian Events

  • Intimate weddings to elaborate galas

  • Private corporate meetings to city-wide conventions

  • Athletic clubs to professional sports teams

  • Local celebrities to internationally recognized public figures

  • United States presidential nominees to the President and Vice President of the United States

I have organized seamless experiences for everything from...

Early in my career, I surrounded myself with experiences and professionals that were, in a phrase, "the best in the business". Before starting my own event company, I held the role of Senior Event Specialist at one of the world’s top luxury convention hotels where I was responsible for planning roughly 300 events each year with a number of them hosting over 3,000 guests. Eventually, my desire to master the art of the luxury wedding experience inspired my decision to found Elysian Events, which has since taken care of clients from coast-to-coast.

In all areas and in every realm, I am dedicated to providing seamless event experiences for hosts and guests alike. With each event, I am motivated by the opportunity to make each client’s wedding one that leaves guests longing to relive it.

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Elysian Events will always focus its attention on creating experiences that are a proper reflection of its name.

adjective: relating to or characteristic of heaven or paradise; beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful & perfect

Also hailed in Greek mythology as a paradise reserved for heroes immortalized by the gods (Elysium), "Elysian" came to be the word that most closely embodied every angle of our company’s vision for our events. (Not to mention it was later discovered to be the name of the small, midwest town where Christianna's parents first met.)

Much in the way the ancient Greeks thought Elysium to be, at Elysian Events, we believe there’s a stunning balance that can be struck when you combine just the right amount of entertainment with just the right amount of sentiment.

The Name: Ely·sian (El-’e-Zhan)

The Name

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