Finding Your Wedding Style: Soak in your surroundings!

We all have go-to tastes, preferences, and experiences that we trust and lean on daily.

Some love any excuse for statement heels, new cocktails, and a little urban mood-lighting only found in a night on the town. Others would almost always skip the heels, choose a beloved go-to beverage, and prefer basking in the warm light of a bonfire and cafe lights strung through the backyard.

Likewise, most of us have dimensions of our style that we love… or want to love… but if we were being perfectly honest with ourselves, we would probably only ever embrace those dimensions fully in “another life”. (That gorgeous, artistic, fun pair of earrings you bought because you genuinely find them to be adorable, and yet they’ve never been worn because they never seem quite right for any occasion or outfit? Yes, I’m talking about those.)

It’s often when brides have to start choosing themes for the day they’ve always dreamed of that they become confused about their style and struggle with being decisive. Even if your tastes haven’t translated to the vision of your wedding day quite yet, eventually they will come through, and identifying your tendencies is a great way to speed up their arrival and promote smooth decision making. 

Here are a few considerations to get started…

For Your Bridal Look

Take a look at…

  • Your everyday get-up including clothing, jewelry, hair styles, and makeup

Then compare that to…

  • Your “never a right time” looks that have remained untouched or untried since the day you discovered them

    What are the similarities? (Gold details… simple design with clean lines… timelessness…in the moment en vogue… lavish accessories…varied and playful textures…?)

    Whatever they are, you can probably use them to refine your decisions for dress, jewelry, and makeup choices. Choosing style you’re comfortable in doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice wowing on your wedding day!

For Your Decor and Stationery

Take a look at…

  • Your favorite bedroom or house decor, colors, textures, layout, etc.

Then compare that to…

  • Your “never a right spot” decor that sits in the corner waiting for its place

    What are the similarities? (Wood accents… bright, bold colors… muted, natural textures… modern design… victorian styles?)

    Whatever they are, you can probably use them to refine your decisions for linen colors, invitation themes, and centerpieces. You probably filled your home with decor that makes you feel good. No reason to abandon your tried-and-trues on your wedding day!

For Your Wedding Ambiance and Menu

Take a look at…

  • Your most cherished restaurants and foods, enjoyed wedding experiences, and fun party scenes

Then compare that to…

  • Your “never a first choice” restaurant choices, wedding experiences, and party scenes that are great in their own right, but that tend to satisfy an occasional, but not so frequent craving

    What are the similarities? (Warm, relaxed ambiance…white-glove service…comfort food offerings… lots of candlelight…stellar live bands… barn wood accents…?) 

    Whatever they are, you can probably use them to refine your decisions for setting, dinner menu, music genre, and guest entertainment. Those wonderful memories are there for a reason – honor some of them!

Finally, looking at your saved wedding inspiration photos can be a great resource; but again, start by looking for the themes in what you saved rather than get lost in the specifics! 

Though certainly a great time to take the vibes of what you love up a notch, your wedding day isn’t the time to start embracing the things you’ve never truly embraced before. You want to be comfortable, you want to be true to yourself, and you want to be proud of what you created for your memories and your guests. Trust what you know and save unfamiliar eccentricity for another time!

And of course… If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for this, we can help!

Photo by Shining Light Photography

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I believe a truly remarkable event is able to rejuvenate the spirit and provide a reprieve from the stresses of reality. I began my career as an event specialist at one of the world’s top luxury convention hotels, and that is where my vision for Elysian Events began.

My passion lies in creating a wedding experience that exudes a vibrant, warm ambiance with an elegant touch. 


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